October 9, 2010


I love the crispness in the air when I get up in the morning in fall. Especially after the soggy, sticky, moist, limp dishragness of summer. And in my current place, I have a fireplace that works, and this morning, before work (yeah, I'm working today) I'm bopping over to friends to assist them in clearing away the wood from a tree that they had to take down last year. Firewood. Yes, I'm incredibly helpful. What a giving person. Amazing how this works in my favor. And their backyard gets cleaned out.

Also, the girls love fires in the fireplace and toasting marshmallows. All good.


CyberKitten said...

Oh I do *love* an open fire. I was lucky enough to live in a cottage with one in my final year of university.

Foilwoman said...

Yeah, an open fire is the best. It's been too warm for that for the last few days, but the first cool night that comes my way, I'm setting things up.