November 20, 2010

The Happy Elf

Last weekend I got reviewer tickets to see The Happy Elf, an Adventure Theatre play, but at Montgomery College in Rockville rather than the usual Glen Echo home of Adventure Theatre. I took DestructoGirl, who loved the play/musical. I prefer the traditional Adventure Theatre venue to Montgomery College's performing arts center, because Adventure Theatre's intimate stage is much friendlier to small theater-goers, but the play was very enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the show was at 7 p.m. and lasted 90 minutes, which made it rather late in the day for a six-year old. But despite the late hour and the more impersonal venue, the play was an enormous hit with DestructoGirl.

First off, to parents of the younger set: this play features Santa and Mrs. Claus (Santa loves cookies, Mrs. Claus tries to keep him from eating too many so the sleigh can still lift off), which, for the Santa-believing set is quite a draw. Everytime Santa appeared on stage, DG just beamed with delight. It didn't hurt that Elliot Dash, who played Santa (as well as the Mayor and a policeman) had some lovely musical numbers and dancing, at both of which he was quite adept.

Clint Johnson, the actor playing the Eubie, the Happy Elf was quite charming and elfin. I wasn't humming any of the songs as I left the theatre, but DG was totally smitten with her first live musical theater experience. My favorite character was Molly, "the baddest kid in Bluesville", played by Valerie Issembert.

Our theater evening wasn't great, since the girls were getting sick, and DG had had a long, long day (cooking with my Sunday School class, visit with Innana, ice skating birthday party, and then the play) and DG was tired and cranky. But despite exhaustion and under the weather offsping, the play was a big hit. Unfortunately for me, DG was so tired we had to head homeward immediately after the end of the play. Harry Connick, Jr. was going to answer audience questions, but we had to head straight home and put one exhausted six-year old to bed.

After that, TigerGrrl got sick, and we've had some other mishaps this week, hence the delay in posting. The Happy Elf is a great play for the 7-10 age range, and great for the younger set, although I would recommend a matinee for those 6 and under, or, if 7 o'clock is the time of the tickets, an afternoon rest before heading to the theater.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling that DestructoGirl is no longer a good name for your six-year-old. She's not very destructive any more. Maybe BallerinaGirl?


Anonymous said...

OK, after 4 hours spent with DestructoGirl, I take back my suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Foil, miss reading you,


Foilwoman said...

Thanks Prom! Ultra busy. I will be blogging again.

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