February 23, 2011

I Don't Know How I Did It

My plans do not include stopping blogging, except I seem to have stopped blogging. I plead parenthood, being fully employed, being mildly ill, and being fucking exhausted.* I also, with a smidgeon of pride, plead successful working parenthood. TG is in orchestra, honors orchestra, a sports team, taking instrumental music lessons, taking four honors classes (excepting phys ed, social studies, and science, which at this grade are the same for everyone) and also running a cute 11-year old business plus doing a variety of workout, activities, and other tween-type stuff with her friends.

I have to schlep TG to sports practice, honors orchestra rehearsal, instrumental music lessons, sports games, and things like the library, the YMCA, birthday parties, school events, parties, etc.

DG is taking a foreign language, art classes, and will be starting skating classes (which she has been begging for for several months). She also has been doing ballet, but we will be dropping that since the milieu doesn't suit the inventor of Rhino Head.

In addition to the kid-related activities (KRAs), I've been working double-time: I've been taking over about 1/3 or the responsibilities of a temporarily disabled colleague, including doubling the number of employees I supervise (Oh, joy!) and taking on a bunch of computer stuff. I'm not a power monger. People who want office power creep me out: it's really easier if you just let people do their jobs. Ok, people who don't do their jobs, well, they suck. And yes, if you frequently call in sick on Mondays and Fridays, yes, you aren't carrying your weight.

But actually, the people reporting to me, mostly do their jobs without interference. Nonetheless, a 100% increase in staff I supervise has made me a bit overworked. Not overwhelmed, but veering in that direction.

Add to that some annoying and non-midlife related symptoms that have me meeting with a specialist tomorrow leave me not-exactly keeping up with anything other than kids and work and teaching Sunday school. Knitting group? Living without me, without any hitches. Reading group? Abandoned. Clean house? A distant, fond memory that has no real bearing on the present day.

I'll clearly have to do some cleaning before Foilmormor, NSLOS, and LOS come down for my upcoming 50th. I'm also saving desperately to buy a home within the next year and for a trip to Europe to be there for Francesca's 50th.

I live in hope that I'll have time to write again. When? Who the heck knows.
*Being fucking exhausted ("BFE") is basically a synonym for being employed + being a parent of one or more under eighteen-year olds. Having two under eighteen-year olds means I am not just being fucking exhausted, I'm ABSOLUTELY fucking exhausted.


wunelle said...

The blogging thing seems cyclical for all we non-professionals, each of us for different reasons. (I find if I'm not reading much I have little to write about.)

I always enjoy hearing the doings of the family, but I can see that in these circumstances the writing just has to take a back seat to more important things.

It sounds like life is good enough for you. Yay to that :-)

Foilwoman said...

Bil, yes, life is good. And I sort of knew that when my life was good and boring (as opposed to crisis-ridden, like in the year leading up to and the years following the divorce) my writing would suffer. But I do hope to write again. Whether I'll be able to consistently enough to make it worthwhile? I don't know.

Benedict 16th said...

Europe.... sorry but you are 180o heading in the wrong direction.
Please please come and visit me and BJ (Bronze John)..... Free accommodation is but a continent away...

Foilwoman said...

Your Eminence: I've just read Bill Bryson's In A Sunburned Country and am re-reading Robert Hughes' The Fatal Shore and just watched the truly scary Animal Kingdom on Comcast On Demand. The movie wasn't as good as Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Last Wave, The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith, My Brilliant Career* not to mention the whole Mad Max oevre before Mel Gibson got all "yes-I-was-born-in-the-USA-creepy"** or any other Ozzie Film Renaissance film oevre*** which is to say, YES, (as I drink my Black Swan Shiraz which is quite yummy) I'm planning on a trip to Oz before I turn 60 and you had better just gird yourself for that, for while it will include Brisbane, Sidney, Perth, Melbourne, Hogart (and other parts of Tasmania) Broome, Darwin, Cairns, Uluru, lots of bush and outback or whatever you call it, it will also definitely include a self-invitation to Adelaide to meet in person you and your family and Bronze John & Sarah and other cyper-friends or almost connections. However, Francesca and I have reverse birthdays (think 4/11 and 11/4) which change depending on whether we use European or US abbreviations, but are basically the same and I really want to be there (in a place where the U.S.P.S. often mistakes for Australia and where the food and wine are almost as divine) so I'll probably (if I can save enough) be in Austria, not Australia this year. Although I did buy a raffle ticket (didn't win) last year at some Australian cultural event.

So Benny -- your personal acquaintanceship with me is but postponed. You'll meet this plump middle-aged Ameridan harridan all too soon. Trust me.

*A female friend of mine once said of My Brilliant Career (in the theater) "Jesus Christ, WTF is wrong with you? Your turning down Sam-Fucking-Neill? You're a MORON." to general applause.
**That's what happened. Really.
***Ozzie film Renaissance does NOT include The Man From Snowy River.