March 15, 2014

Long Ago and Far Away

I used to post a lot on this blog. It was very important to me. Now life is so busy that I barely have time to think, much less write. To anyone who might still be reading, life has been good. I am in the process of recovering from the disaster of my divorce. I own a home, I'm sticking money in my retirement account. TigerGrrl, now more appropriately called The Valkyrie (at 14, she's at least 5'10", and is still progressing nicely in her quest for global domination), has one a full scholarship to an exclusive prep school and is doing quite well there. DestructoGirl, now more appropriately called She Who Must Be Obeyed (or SWMBO for short) is the dominating personality in my life. She loves school, has lots of friends, is doing an almost-spiral in her figure skating classes, has a strong connection with many, many creatures of the equine, feline, canine and cavia porcelline varieties. All of which, except the equines, now reside quite happily in my increasingly messy home. PdeFF disappeared to another continent for a while, after having been jobless for two years plus. I just found out he's coming back in a few weeks, much later than he had promised his daughters. My feelings are mixed, having enjoyed the luxury of no contact with an almost insane and impecunious ex for more than a few months, but noticing that SWMBO was quite dejected about the temporary loss of her beloved papa. That's the thing. No matter how ineffective a parent is, kids still love that parent. I've been taking EdX classes (fun!), trying subjects like Statistics and other maths and sciences I have avoided like the plague since high school. I should have not focused so much on the liberal arts. I've joined a knitting group, a yoga class, a hiking group, and a book club. I've become addicted to Game of Thrones, The Americans, and The Walking Dead. Homeland, True Detective, and Black Sails don't quite cut it. Nothing, of course, reaches the heights of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but for that we have Netflix. For the last two years, I've had a fairly constant dinner companion, although that's fading a bit (I just don't have the energy). Work is going well. What's next? I think I should write a novel, but about what? I'm FoilMormor is well, but aging. My sisters are doing well, although one of them has annoyed the bejesus out of me and I'm rather avoiding her -- a story for another day. I still, when commuting, walk up to the guy on the Metro sitting on the outside of the seat and say "Excuse me." And sit down. Because even if I'm not at war with the world any more (it's treating me rather well at the moment, even if I am exhausted), I still have to exercise my powers every so often. I try to use my powers for good.


CyberKitten said...

Good to see that you haven't disappeared under the weight of life, the universe and everything.

Oh, and Game of Thrones?


I do hope you find the time to blog a bit, in between using your powers for good of course..... Welcome back.

Foilwoman said...

Yeah, I've read all the GRRM books to date, and subscribed to HBO(it's nice not being quite so skint nowadays) just to watch it. And Peter Dinklage is just boatloads of awesome. And Maisie? Well, she's the best child actor ever.

CyberKitten said...

FW said: I've read all the GRRM books to date...

I've picked up the first 3-4 or maybe 5 but haven't managed to read any of them yet.

FW said: and subscribed to HBO

I only watch them when the box set comes out as I hate adverts and just can't stand the thought of waiting a week to find out if someone lives or dies after a cliff hanger.

FW said: And Peter Dinklage is just boatloads of awesome.

Isn't he just! The Imp is a great character and superbly acted.

FW said: And Maisie? Well, she's the best child actor ever.

LOVE that girl. She's one of my favourites which is saying a lot as there are just so many great characters in that series. Usually you'll get one or two you really like, if you're lucky you might get one or two you don't like. It's very rare indeed that there's no one you don't like - even counting the 'bad' guys!

Example - Charles Dance. TOTALLY love that guy!!

Benedict 16th said...

Lovely to see you back